Warner, Cantrell and Padmos, Inc.

Warner, Cantrell and Padmos, Inc. is a Professional Civil Engineering and Land Surveying firm founded in 1917 as Warner & Warner. Harry and Burton Warner operated the firm from their Detroit office, specializing in land development and land surveying.

In 1965, the firm was purchased by Martin Padmos and Terry Cantrell. The company was incorporated and the name changed to what it is today. Mr. Padmos and Mr. Cantrell, long time employees of Warner and Warner, continued the firm's mission of providing services to the land development community. There are uncountable numbers of families who are living in Warner, Cantrell and Padmos designed subdivisions and apartments through out the metro Detroit area. The quality of life for those families has been greatly improved by the simple philosophy of the firm "Always remember who is our real client on these projects, the home owner".

In 1999 the current owner of the firm began to carry forward the legacy of the firm. Building upon the past of Warner, Cantrell and Padmos, Inc.'s reputation of excellence in providing the highest quality professional services to the land development community.

During the mid 1980's, a technological revolution started within the industry and at the firm with the introduction of CAD, electronic survey data collection, and GPS. These technologies along with advancements in software and hardware, including 3D technology, has allowed us to continue the heritage which Harry and Burton Warner began over 90 years ago.